“Three-Fifty” distributors attend MIPCOM 2009 in Cannes

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Melinda Augustina short comedy Three-Fifty at MIPCOM CannesReps for the “screamingly funny” short comedy “Three-Fifty” will be working hard at MIPCOM 2009 in Cannes next week.    “Three-Fifty” should be available digitally for ALL very soon.
Award-winning short comedy “Three-Fifty” is distributed by Network Ireland TV.
For more information on licensing “Three-Fifty” please contact
Network Ireland TV  http://www.network-irl-tv.com/

One thought on ““Three-Fifty” distributors attend MIPCOM 2009 in Cannes

    Not attending mipcom 2009 said:
    September 30, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Many US, International Distributors, and Producers will not attend MIPCOM 2009 due to cutbacks or cost saving measures.

    Its just a reality as many will be attending AFM in Santa Monica or will be choosing AFM or MIPCOM.

    Most North American companies will only attend AFM while many European counterparts will be at MIPCOM and not attending AFM. Its a major cost to travel twice a year to Cannes and attend other markets. Major studios are significantly scaling back at both markets.

    Attendance will be lower at both markets espicaly at MIPCOM as most will be at AFM.

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