Garden State Film Festival, April 2 – 5

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Thank you, New Jersey!!!

garden-state-film-festival2You have chosen – wisely.  We know New Jersey folks have been waiting patiently for the premiere of  “the one” – that one great film – the film to solve all of the problems of our current times.  THREE-FIFTY is not that film but it’s in your festival anyway.  Yeah!  Trust us, screening THREE-FIFTY will take the Garden State and it’s  Film Festival to new heights of, ummm –  well, insanity and laughter.  This movie will complete you.

The Garden State Film Festival  will screen THREE-FIFTY sometime between April 2 – 5.  Check here for specific day and time updates.

The artistic philosophy of the Garden State Film Festival is rooted in the celebration of the independent film genre and the creation of a forum where local and other independent filmmakers can exhibit their work.  We would be those “others”.

Since 2003, such industry notables such as Glenn Close, Frank Vincent, Batman producer Michael Uslan, Austin Pendleton, Kurtwood Smith, James Gandolfini, Budd Schulberg and others have lent their support.  And now, those celebrities can say they’ve supported the same festival that screened Maurice Chauvet’s THREE-FIFTY — that hilarious tale of late fees, privacy rights and the easy availability of deeply personal details of your life.  We know they’ve been waiting to be included in the same paragraph with us.

Young Director’s Night at LACMA – Friday, March 6

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Happy to announce that comedy THREE-FIFTY will screen in Los Angeles at

LACMA Young Director's Night
LACMA Young Director’s Night

LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Young Director’s Night.
This most likely is Three-Fifty’s final screening in Los Angeles for a while, so we invite you to join us!
6pm – Wine by Kenwood and Hors douvers by Border Grill and Ciudad
7:30pm – screenings (120 min. with 15 minute intermission)
9:30 pm – brief words from the filmmakers
10:30 – dessert by Melissa’s, wine by Kenwood & award presentation

Tickets, additional films, address, parking instructions are here:

In attendance from Team THREE-FIFTY will be
Producers: Jesse Rivard & Melinda Augustina
Director of Photography:  Barry Norwood
Editor: Eric Grush
Actors: Melinda Augustina & Michael Angelo Stuno

Thanks to LACMA for their support of short films!  I attended for a friends film last year and it’s a great evening.




Editor Eric Grush, Dean Rosen, Producers Melinda Augustina and Jesse Rivard
THREE-FIFTY @LACMA – Editor Eric Grush, Dean Rosen, Producers Melinda Augustina and Jesse Rivard











Melinda Augustina wearing earrings provided by Steve and Sabina Altinis from Tievoli Jewelers











Melinda with the "Zombie Prom" crew!  Oh yeah!  LACMA Young Director's Night
Melinda with the “Zombie Prom” crew! Oh yeah!


Short comedy THREE-FIFTY Australian Premieremicahel

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Friends and fans, thank you so much for your continued support!  Thank you for your referrals and for sending us more friends, fans and festivals.  We appreciate it!

Heart of Gold Int'l Film Festival
Heart of Gold Int

Three-Fifty continues to get requests for screenings…so stay tuned for the details.  
Our Australian Premiere is set March 25-29 – Heart of Gold Film Festival  Gympie, Queensland, Australia Check out their beautiful festival trailer:

Remember CERN?

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Remember last year when THREE-FIFTY screened at CineGlobe which is a film festival put together by CERN physicists who screened the films in CineGlobe, a cinema which sits a-top the world’s largest particle accelerator?  Remember that???  Welll, it’s ok if you don’t remember, but you will want to know that they’re getting ready to turn that particle accelerator “on”.  Article, photos and video footage here:

What is the point of the largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider?  Quentin King, who does complicated things at CERN and who has become a friend of ours, says it gives physicists an opportunity to study subatomic particles in what will be the closest duplication of the beginning of our universe.  A recreation of the moments just after the “big bang” which will be the closest scientists have ever gotten to understanding the beginning of our universe and deeper understanding of the fundamentals that make up our universe.
Read about it and then let us know your thoughts.
We must confess, to have screened THREE-FIFTY atop the world’s largest particle accelerator is dang cool bragging rights.

Three-fifty heads back to Santa Barbara…;-)

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Any excuse to go to Santa Barbara, right???
Three-Fifty will play at Santa Barbara Contemporary Art Forum’s
 POPCORN!  A Short Film and Video Festival in Santa Barbara in July.
Details are here:
SAT. JUL. 26, 9-11 PM
POPCORN! Short Film and Video Festival
Bring a lawn chair or blanket and join us at Samy’s Camera for an outdoor screening of short films and videos ranging from animation and drama to comedy and documentaries. Refreshments will be sold. Samy’s Camera is located at 614 Chapala St. $5 CAF Members/ $10 General Admission 
And more details here:

Lake County Film Festival

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lake-county-film-festival-logo.jpgWe are so late in posting this — oops!  Three-Fifty played in the Lake County Film Festival.  We’ve heard great things about the festival and the way they take care of their filmmakers.  We were busy here on the West Coast and just couldn’t get away.   A BIG THANK YOU! to Nat Dykeman and the whole team for having such great taste and choosing THREE-FIFTY to make sure your audience got to laugh!!!