Stories about the story…

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Stories, mythology, one of the easiest and deepest ways for people to learn about human beings.  There’s usually even a story behind the story — At this link in an interview with Steve Buchsbaum from True Hollywood Stories at the Palm Springs Int’l Festival of Short films, you’ll hear our writer/director Maurice Chauvet tell the interesting stories behind THREE-FIFTY… if you have trouble with this link, try the link to the side on the blogroll that reads MAURICE INTERVIEW


Three-Fifty official selection at Dam Short Film Festival

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dam-short-film-fest-logo.jpgHow could I resist an invitation to submit our film to a festival called The Dam Short Film Festival?   I couldn’t…and so here we are.  THREE-FIFTY will play at the Dam Short Film Festival at the historic Boulder City Theater near Boulder City Dam.  Depending on what kind of driver you are, it’s  just about 25 minutes outside Las Vegas, Nevada.  Yee haw!  Check out the history of The Dam Short Film Festival — what a great history right there — and you gotta love the logo and other artwork on their site.

We are in the section titled “Comedy Universe” Playing Saturday, Feb. 9 at 5pm.  Details here — 

Being There….

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One can’t be everywhere, can one?  Being at the film festivals is just always an inspiring experience.  We have three festivals to prepare for this month, so I can’t make it out to Beloit, and we are very happy to report we may have a snappy intern from Northwestern Film and Television school attending for us to do some promoting.    Stay tuned!  We’ll give you the details as they arrive.  Remember to check out Beloit Int’l Film Festival website…

Three-Fifty screens at Beloit International Film Festival

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Our comedy, short film THREE-FIFTY will screen in Beloit Wisconsin at the Beloit International Film Festival… January 17 – 20.   Festival Operations Director, Greg Girard saw THREE-FIFTY in Milwaukee and phoned us from the road on his drive back to Beloit.  “We love it!  We want you in Beloit.  I just sent you an email, but I wanted to talk to you in person!” he said.   “Ok!” I replied, “Sure! Beloit! Sounds great.  Where is Beloit?”

Beloit is Beloit, Wisconsin.   Moviemaker Magazinecalled Beloit International Film Festival “the next big thing” and a “must-attend event.”

 I made many trips to Wisconsin when I lived and worked in Chicago, IL.  The train ride is beautiful and I’m sure the January landscape will bring beautiful snowy sights to anyone who attends.   We’ll have a THREE-FIFTY supporter there in person who can share the stories of the making of THREE-FIFTY with you.

We want to say a personal “THANK YOU!” to Greg Girard, Operations Director  and Rod Beaudoin, Executive Director of Beloit Int’l Film Festival for seeing the value and humor in THREE-FIFTY.  You have great taste.  We are honored to be chosen for this outstanding festival and send wishes of great success for Beloit Int’l Film Festival 2008.  Thank you, Thank you.    Remember, almost everything you want to know about THREE-FIFTY is at and then there are more photos, slide shows, video clips at

THREE-FIFTY says “Hello, world!”

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Welcome to the most current news on the hilarious, comedy, short film THREE-FIFTY.   The film was written and Directed by Maurice Chauvet (Owning Mahowny 2003, Sony Classics). You can read more about Maurice here —

 THREE-FIFTY is winner of three festival awards in 2007, screened at 14 film festivals in 2007 and is already slated for three (3) film festivals in 2008.

We’re happy to say welcome.  We’re very proud of our little film and we want you to enjoy the THREE-FIFTY party around the world.  Join us at any of our upcoming festivals, we want to meet you. 

Wear your “That’ll be THREE-FIFTY” button proudly and let us know when you’re in the house.   Don’t have your THREE-FIFTY button yet?  Send us a regular ol’  #10 SASE (60 cents) and we’ll ship one right out to you. 

Shout out loud at the end of the THREE-FIFTY screenings you attend and laugh it up when you’re in the theater.

Be ready to purchase your own copy of THREE-FIFTY (available for purchase  in 2008)    We’re kickin’ butt and taking names and we’re glad to have you around.
See the trailer, the full press kit, more details at
We appreciate your support and enthusiasm and look forward to meeting you in person!

Two of our 3 awards in 2007are right here…# 3 is the Taos Shortz People’s Choice award…Anup should be finishing that laurel any day now…
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