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“Three-Fifty” reps attend Clermont-Ferrand Int’l Short Film Festival

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We’re happy to inform you that Network Ireland-TV, the reps for “Three-Fifty” will be attending the 32nd Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market ~ Jan. 29 – February 6, 2010.   If you would like to be sure the “Three-Fifty” is on television in your area, leave us a comment with your country and your city zipcode information and we’ll make sure your request is heard!  ;-))

Or, you can type in your zipcode here and we’ll let the reps know of your request.
“Three-Fifty” on Demand It!

Clermont-Ferrand is the largest and most important film festival for short films.  Buyers from all over the world attend Clermont-Ferrand to discover the best in short films for their television and cable programming needs.  FILMAD Awards in Madrid recently awarded The Clermont-Ferrand Festival the honor of  Best International Festival … and they have this totally cool image for the festival this year — see below.

I love the Clermont Ferrand 2010 Poster!

Network Ireland-TV represents the finest in short films from around the world.  “Three-Fifty” has aired on cable in several territories and numerous additional territories are still open.


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Comedy really does make everything better.
Comedy really does make everything better.

Carla Nolan, Founder and Director of The Humour Society and the World of Comedy Film Festival (and an independent T.V. and film Producer) called us the other day and requested our comedy THREE-FIFTY for their film festival.
“But of course, ” we replied.
February 25 – March 1.  You can read more about the festival here:
We will post days and times and venues as soon as we have them.
Thanks to everyone for all you have done for us.  We appreciate every view, every good thought, every good word.   Happy New Year!

Additional Screenings…

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Oh, we are so behind in posting!  OK, here’s the rest of the schedule:
August 31 – California NEXTGEN Film Festival in Sacramento, CA
Link here:

September 12 — CineSol Film Festival – McAllen Texas
Link here:

Lake County Film Festival

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lake-county-film-festival-logo.jpgWe are so late in posting this — oops!  Three-Fifty played in the Lake County Film Festival.  We’ve heard great things about the festival and the way they take care of their filmmakers.  We were busy here on the West Coast and just couldn’t get away.   A BIG THANK YOU! to Nat Dykeman and the whole team for having such great taste and choosing THREE-FIFTY to make sure your audience got to laugh!!!

Beloit Int’l Film Festival – the word from Katherine

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Katherine, Amy and new friends at Beloit Int’l Film FestivalWisconsin in mid-January is a frozen tundra, but the little town of Beloit and its charming film festival are warm enough to help a visitor forget the sub-zero temperatures.

So here I am, Katherine Cowell, sophomore film student from Northwestern University, driving across some of the flattest, coldest country I’ve ever seen with my best friend and roommate, Classics major Amy Lather. I’ve convinced her that this is going to be really fun, and she is resigned to see if it will be. About seven tolls, two hours and three repeats of our roadtrip mix later, we arrive at our hotel on what appears to be the largest street in Beloit, ready to check in, meet people, and see some movies.

In fact, I am here to represent “Three-Fifty”, written and directed by Maurice Chauvet. The film was produced by Jesse Rivard and Melinda Augustina and stars Melinda Augustina, Michael Angelo Stuno and Evan Grensted. It is a really funny little short about the dangers of attempting to weasel out of petty late fees at your local video store—and the virtues of remaining a faithful customer there. I have no idea at what sort of venue we will be viewing this and the other festival shorts, whether I will be expected to answer any questions, or whether I will be able to make any cool friends here, but I’m prepared for anything. On my shirtfront I’m proudly wearing my promotional pin (Amy too)—“That’ll be Three-Fifty”, it says.

First, we head over to pick up our press packets. No problem. After that, a couple wearing passes in the lobby stops us. Somehow my thought is “Uh-oh. They’re on to me…they know I’m just a student, clearly not a filmmaker… they’re going to take away my pass, my pin and kick me out…” but they only want to say hello and chat about the festival. Wow! That was a surprise. Unfortunately, we have to dash off so as not to miss the “Three-Fifty” screening at O’Halaran’s. We sit for a few minutes in the frozen parking lot, studying our maps…(is that it? Is it in a bar—could we be so lucky?)

Suds O’Halaran’s is packed to the gills and only getting fuller as we file in, a good half-hour early. The biggest section of the room is set up with a screen and projector, and every seat is taken…everyone is enthusiastic and excited to see this particularly fun part of the festival: The “R” rated comedy shorts. We commence chatting up everyone that files past, touting our pins and dealing out the cute little post cards that promote “Three-Fifty” (“the must see comedy short for this weekend!”)—everyone is very supportive, and Melinda Augustina and Maurice Chauvet should be household names by the end of the night.

We take a seat at the bar, the better to make friends and observe the audience reaction. The mounted TVs that might have usually played football games simultaneously play the films so that everyone can see. As soon as the show starts, the packed bar becomes as quiet as a theater.

All the shorts are entertaining, some more than others. While many are goofy or clever comedies, such as “Equal Opportunity”, directed by Howard Duy Vu, in which a group of coworkers uses only quick-witted stereotypes to refer to one another, “Three-Fifty” (which comes on near the end of the shorts) has the crowd paying rapt attention to its sly humor and smart, fast-paced dialogue. This film is not a one-joke comedy, and takes some thought, which puts it in a slightly different genre than most of the films playing tonight. The audience responds well with smiles and laughter throughout.

The comedies were all hilarious and, well—short. Somehow, a couple of hours pass and low and behold, we do make some friends. A cute, young (ish) Stella Artois representative happens to be sitting right next to us during the films. Stella Artois is giving support to the film festival this year, so he has come in to Beloit to enjoy the show and promote his beverage. Katherine and Amy must investigate, and as we still have a lot of promotional post cards to pass out and people to chat with, we leave to discuss the films we’ve just seen with our new friends. At the restaurant in the Fairfield Inn, we grab some snacks and meet some more film enthusiasts, including the executive director of the BIFF, Rod Beaudoin, who was nice enough to chat for a few minutes and receive a promotional postcard.

Our new friends were eager to get out to the Disco Paradiso VIP party, and while we protested that we really should be getting back, we drove over to meet them at the Eclipse Center, “just for a minute”.

After a wonderful night of getting to know the coolest filmies in Beloit, and meeting all the warm-hearted people of this charming town, we unfortunately had to wake up to the fact that we were students, students with homework, and it was Sunday. After a brief but impassioned reenactment of “Dude, where’s my car”, a very friendly Beloit limo driver kindly picked us up at our hotel and deposited us at my car free of charge. The Beloit police are apparently as nice as the limo driver, the staff at the hotel, all the guests, the film enthusiasts, Rod Beaudoin, the representatives of Stella Artois, Melinda Augustina, and everyone else in this adorable town…and did not give me a ticket for being parked in two-hour parking over night. So, sad that we couldn’t stay longer and positive that we would come back as soon as we could, the film student and the Classics major drove back to Chicago, where no one wants to meet you, no taxi (much less limo!) ride is free, and the cops will always always give you a parking ticket—or more likely, tow your car.

We had a great time, and thank you to Beloit, the Beloit International Film Festival, Melinda, and everyone else. We’ll certainly be back next year, as Beloit is like having a mini Sundance in your backyard. What an awesome experience for a sophomore film student!

Beloit’s the coolest!

Special thanks to Santa Barbara and Ojai Valley businesses!

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Super special “THANK YOU!” to the Santa Barbara businesses who let our intern Tara Pollock place THREE-FIFTY promotional postcards at their locations during the SBIFF. ON STATE STREET: Java Jones — two locations , Starbucks — both locations on State Street, Barnes & Noble, Longs Drugs, The World of Wood, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Mi Casa Imports.

Santa Barbara is a thriving, intelligent community and we appreciate their assistance in promoting our funny little short. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

And to be included, lets say”THANK YOU!” to the Ojai businesses who also supported THREE-FIFTY with promotional postcards….Ojai Video, Ojai Roasting Company (more coffee) and St. Thoms Aquinas Thrift Store. Another beautiful and intelligent community — to whom we want to say “Thank you.”

THREE-FIFTY Screens in Santa Barbara

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here’s our formal press release — watch for the informal notes on later posts, today. 😉 Melinda

Los Angeles, CA—January 11, 2008  – The Santa Barbara Film Festival has named Maurice Chauvet’s award- winning short comedy film THREE-FIFTY as one of its official selections for 2008.  THREE-FIFTY screens on Friday, Janaury 25 at 9:30 pm and Thursday January 31 at 12:30pm.  The Santa Barbara Film Festival runs January 24 through February 3, 2008.  Full screening schedules will be posted at shortly. THREE-FIFTY has won a total of three awards on the 2007 film festival circuit — two audience awards and one “Best Picture” award for an entire festival (chosen over all short and feature films).

’s hilarious tale of late fees, privacy rights and just how much information is available at the touch of a button is charming film festival audiences around the world.  From its world-premiere in Aspen to Nashville, Milwaukee, Palm Springs, and many more, THREE-FIFTY has played 14 festivals in the US and Europe.  THREE-FIFTY’s world premiere was at Aspen ShortsFest 2007, and European premiere was at CineGlobe2007 in Geneva Switzerland.   THREE-FIFTY was written and directed by Maurice Chauvet (Owning Mahowny, Sony Classics 2003–Canada’s Genie Award nomination).  Other production credits include:  Jesse Rivard, Producer; Melinda Augustina, Producer & Executive Producer; Barry Norwood, Cinematographer; Eric Grush, Editor; and John Abella, Original Music Composer. 
One of the unique features of THREE-FIFTY is that it was begun as a solar powered project.  Also unique is the origin of THREE-FIFTY.  Developed on stage at Chauvet’s theater company in Venice, CA, the film version of THREE-FIFTY stars the same actors who created the roles on stage:  Evan Grensted as the beleaguered video customer, Michael Angelo Stuno as the dutiful “clerk behind the counter” and Melinda Augustina as the worldly-wise video store manager. THREE-FIFTY’s blog, trailer, full cast and crew list and upcoming film festival schedule can be found online at and at  Blog can also be directly accessed at About Power Hungry Productions:  Power Hungry Productions is “The sustainable production initiative”SM.  THREE-FIFTY is their first short film and was produced partially with  solar power.  Power Hungry Prouctions was founded by Melinda Augustina in 2006 to produce
THREE-FIFTY and additional “stage to film” shorts and feature length films.
Contact:  Melinda Augustina
Phone:  310-228-8384