Remember CERN?

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Remember last year when THREE-FIFTY screened at CineGlobe which is a film festival put together by CERN physicists who screened the films in CineGlobe, a cinema which sits a-top the world’s largest particle accelerator?  Remember that???  Welll, it’s ok if you don’t remember, but you will want to know that they’re getting ready to turn that particle accelerator “on”.  Article, photos and video footage here:  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24525554

What is the point of the largest particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider?  Quentin King, who does complicated things at CERN and who has become a friend of ours, says it gives physicists an opportunity to study subatomic particles in what will be the closest duplication of the beginning of our universe.  A recreation of the moments just after the “big bang” which will be the closest scientists have ever gotten to understanding the beginning of our universe and deeper understanding of the fundamentals that make up our universe.
Read about it and then let us know your thoughts.
We must confess, to have screened THREE-FIFTY atop the world’s largest particle accelerator is dang cool bragging rights.

Parlez-vous français? Three-Fifty Licensed to Canal-Plus for air in France, Switzerland and Africa

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Power Hungry Productions announces that they have signed a one year licensing agreement with Canal Plus to air comedy short film THREE-FIFTY on international television in France, Switzerland and Africa.    CONGRATULATIONS to writer/director Maurice Chauvet, Producers Jesse Rivard and Melinda Augustina and the entire cast and crew of THREE-FIFTY.
Canal Plus viewed Three-Fifty in the market at Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival and began inquiries for the licensing agreement shortly after the festival.